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"Leaving our comfort zone and to never stop growing, learning and dreaming helps us to become the best version of ourselves!"

My vision is to inspire and empower  others to embrace and transform change for personal, organisational and global good.


My mission is to help people rediscover excellence, to serve and share  authentically and passionately, create impact and hold myself accountable to my personal motto:


          LIVE & LOVE, GIVE & GROW  


Whatever I do or decide not to do has  an impact on my life and the world around me. My choice has always been not to settle, but to keep growing, learning and sharing. 

Fully understanding the priviledge of my life I am determined to use my knowledge, network and assets to increase my impact through charitable giving, work in my foundation or by community service.


Therefore 20% of my speaking fees are donated to charity. 10% to the ASTRAIA Foundation and 10% to a foundation of your choice.  PROMISED.