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Success is based on our ability to adapt to change. There are few people that embody and live this ideal more than Kerstin Plehwe—affectionately called “KP” by friends and clients alike. Her long and successful career as an entrepreneur, TV expert and philanthropist have made her an inspiring role model and a sought-after international speaker on impact and change.


KP is an international business expert and visionary thought leader who is powered by her passion for excellence and innovation. Kerstin is trailblazer in many ways: She was the first female president of the German DMA and the first German to win the prestigious US Pollie Award. She has worked with top politicians, Olympic athletes and corporate executives, and has written eight books. Her busy life as keynote speaker, company owner and philanthropist has brought her to more than 25 countries including South Africa, Japan and the USA.

But all the business achievements, rewards and responsibilities could not hold her back to follow her biggest passion and dream: Leaving her corner office and comfort zone in Germany behind and spending time in the South African wilderness as a Ranger. This has changed her views on life and leadership forever, and today she shares the valuable insights of this experience with corporations, non-profits and associations around the globe as a powerful and thought-provoking speaker.

Her change-creating insights derived from the corporate, political and animal world inspire audiences to reach new levels of excellence, embrace change as a competitive advantage, and increase their level of impact.