"Perseverance, agility and optimal health in times of  stress is key to success for any leader today." 

The time for personal excellence is now. Are you ready?

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Kerstin Plehwe is one of Europe’s leading female business visionaries and powerful global speakers who literally changes lives and perspectives. She is an award-winning entrepreneur, TV personality and best selling author with a passion for achieving extraordinary success by questioning the status quo, embracing change and creating a positive mental attitude. As a compassionate, down to earth personality that has worked with Olympic athletes, political leaders, international corporations and students alike she empowers her clients to boost their resilience, embrace innovation and increase their level of personal excellence and health.  


KP is a highly inspiring, sought after expert on new leadership, personal excellence and corporate wellbeing. She has traveled to 21 countries around the globe, hosting over 1000 live events. She is the visionary founder of various companies, board member of the VOICE OF WOMEN FOUNDATION and CEO of the SMART Leadership Institute, enabling leaders to combine today's leadership requirements with an optimal level of personal health and happiness.