Once a year KP brings a select group of people to South Africa for a truly transformational experience. In the magnificent setting of a beautiful nature reserve and far away from your usual habits and burdens you will enter a space that is designed for a once in a lifetime adventure but also personal insights on life and business, braking space for deep emotions and new perspectives.


Let the breathtaking sights of beautiful animals like lions, elephants and leopards, the smell of the wilderness and the culinary delights at the evening fireplace guide you to a space in your soul that encourages you to find answers to the big questions of life and business. 


KP has personally designed and selected this experience for people who wish to grow beyond their existing life and are ready to move on. When people want to  experience KP´s most personal work and the transforming power of the wild, it is with her in South Africa, under the stars and out in the wild.


For more information and to receive your application for KP´s 2017 Wilderness Retreat please write to office@kerstinplehwe.com