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KP Biography

Kerstin Plehwe—affectionately called “KP” by friends and clients alike, is an entrepreneur, speaker and bestselling author born in Munich, Germany.  She is a world travelled, energizing personality that embodies the spirit of entrepreneurship and passion. She believes the biggest obstacle for success is the inability of humans to adapt to change an attitude which she seeks to change.

KP is an international business expert and visionary thought leader who is powered by her passion for excellence and innovation. And she is a trailblazer by being the first female president of the German DMA and the first German to win the prestigious US Pollie Award. She has worked with top politicians, Olympic athletes and corporate executives. Her busy life as keynote speaker, company owner and philanthropist has brought her to more than 25 countries including South Africa, Japan and the USA...

In her early forties she followed her core passion and became a Ranger in the South African wilderness –   an out-of-comfort zone learning experience that changed her views on life and leadership forever.   Her book, based on this experience, became a bestseller with and has inspired thousands of readers to refuel their passions and grow beyond their comfort zone. Today Kerstin Plehwe is a sought‐after motivational speaker, author and activist. Her change‐creating insights from the corporate, political and wilderness world inspire audiences to embrace change and use it as a competitive advantage, re-connect with nature and master new leadership challenges.