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Master your Fear-

Master your Life

Grow strong and create the results you desire

Lead like a Lion , Live like a Butterfly

How to stay strong & succeed with tough competition

Female Leadership

Learning from the world´s most successful women

KP is a sought-after and highly ranked speaker at events and conferences across a broad range of industries and countries. For speaking inquiries and availabilities please contact her US or European office.

Some of the greatest leadership lessons and innovations can be found in nature and the routines of the wild have many parallels to our business world. KP has emerged herself in the African wilderness becoming a Ranger in an all male group. Follow her captivating journey into the wild and learn from Africa´s elephants , leopards, lions for your personal and corporate life. Through KP´s business expertise, vision and insights you will receive thought- and action provoking impulses to establish new leadership rituals: Understand how to communicate successfully in adverse environments. Discover instruments to conquer fear, increase trust levels and lead teams through dangerous situations. 

Understanding and overcoming the mechanics of fear is the key to overcoming the biggest obstacles in your private or business life. Often fear is the No.1 excuse for not following through on important tasks, personal resolutions or corporate strategies but this can be changed.

In this talk KP takes you on her remarkable journey as the only woman becoming a Ranger in South Africa´s wilderness. KP will trigger both your senses and your intellect to help you discover the obstacles that are holding you back from being the best version of yourself and creating the best possible outcome in your business.

We live and work in demanding times and often it is not easy to give our best. But today´s markets do not reward mediocracy. Successful leaders show a continuous high level of excellence, innovation and authenticity. How is that done?  How do teams remain strong, alert and ahead of the competition? And what are the most up-to-date triggers and strategies for success in a changing marketplace?

In this presentation KP shares her experiences of a longtime corporate career and combines them with her deep knowledge about the amazing African wilderness.

How do successful women think about life, leadership, courage and resilience? Learning from women who made it all the way to the top, identifying their strategies and secrets of success is a highly inspiring and rewarding journey for any leader, man or woman.

In this keynote KP combines the powerful wisdom of 30+ international female leaders with her personal experiences of a long corporate career in a mainly male world. Learn about the outstanding leadership qualities of Everest mountaineer Cathy O´Dowd, the first woman leading the US Elite Military Academy West Point Frances Hesselbein or  Switzerland´s first female president ever Ruth Dreifuss.