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Giving has always been an important aspect of KP´s life. Beside her support of the protection of wildlife, KP is a passionate advocate and philantropist for women causes. In 2008 she founded, together with Jutta Kleinschmidt, the first female winner of the Dakar Race and Cathy O´Dowd, the first woman to reach the summit of Mount Everest from both sides the ASTRAIA  Female Leadership Foundation in Germany. The Foundation supports gender equality and equal access to education.


ASTRAIA empowers girls with dedicated projects to reach and live their full potential, overcoming existing barriers. The foundation is supported by a reputable supporter- and broad donor network in the political, corporate and sports area. Also 100% of the proceeds of KP´s book on Female Leadership and proceeds of her US talks go towards the foundation. If you want to join ASTRAIA´s effort and help more girls to get access to education please reach out  to info@astraia.org.

Believing in the impact that every individual can and each organisation should create, KP donates 10% of all US speaker revenues to charitable causes that her clients can determine. An additional 10 % supports the ASTRAIA Foundation. In the last couple of years KP´s donations have supported projects of the David Sheldrick Wildlife Fund, UNICEF, PLAN International and other important charitable causes around the world. 


You want to join KP´s Circle of Power to create even more impact? Write to her and she will personally get back to you.